West 85th team

“Shara is a lovely person and a great stylist.”
Rena T. September 2018

“Happy with services. Don’t change.”
Andrea O. September 2018

“Whitney was very sweet and she did an awesome job.”
Mahira M. September 2018

“Great cut, great service, great scalp and hand massage!”
Lorraine W. August 2018

“My favorite part of the service was having my hair blow dried.  This time it was so relaxing the stylist didn’t tug/pull my hair once she was very skilled I almost fell asleep!”
Kristy M. August 2018

“Kayla, my hairstylist is kind, and I’m delighted with my fresh cut hair. I really enjoy this salon and have been coming for a few years!”
Tanis N. August 2018 

“My Stylist is always on time, welcoming, open to my preferences.”
Marie T. August 2018

"I had a really great experience. Thank you so much Caylin for your skills and kindness today, see you next time.”
Melissa M. August 2018

"It is a lovely treat to go for a cut. Shara is so skilled! She understands my hair better than any other stylist in decades."
Nicole Y. July 2018

"Shara is a great stylist."
Laurie H. July 2018

"Excellent cut - Taylor is delightful!"
Judy A. July 2018

"My favourite aspect was how sweet and knowledgeable my stylist Niki is! I love her. I love RedBloom!"
Melissa T. July 2018

"My favourite aspect is how you ask my preferences - level of quiet/chattiness, offering choice of extra services. Frontline was very welcoming and explained the procedure."
Ronnie W. July 2018


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