East Village team

"Everything-  cut, colour and styling were outstanding. Shampoo and massage with the heat applied - fantastic. Tea - loved it all…I always feel like I have to go home a style my hair "my way". This is the first time in my life I walked out loving the way it was styled."
Christine M. November 2017

"Keep doing what you're doing."
Alexandria B. November 2017

"Sam was great. I always recommend RedBloom to everyone I know. Frontline are always great! Super friendly.”
Kevin W. November 2017

"Friendly staff and exceptional service. Keep up the good work."
Cindy M. November 2017

"Keep doing what you do! Jasmine at East Village is the best! She has truly changed the way my hair even functions and always has great suggestions to switch it up"
Paige R. November 2017

"I've been really pleased with my visits here."
Mary S. November 2017

"First time at RedBloom and would recommend if you want an excellent haircut, very impressed."
Sharon O. November 2017

"Catrina's attentive, genuine, professional, skillful, kind and thorough self. I felt like we were old friends within 30 minutes of talking with her. Not to mention she is darn good at her craft and I already am happier with my new hair. Terry was as warm and delightful in person as she was on the phone. Beautiful salon. Talented professionals. Informative website. Consider me your newest loyal client!"
Karen C. November 2017

"Amanda. She's so great. I came in stressed out about post-partum hair loss and I left feeling so much better. Everything is great. I recommend you guys constantly. Easily the best salon in yyc."
Jamie S. November 2017

"EVERYONE is so friendly."
Janelle P. November 2017


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