East Village team

“Annah is always professional and very talented!!”
Cathy S. July 2017

“So I went in with a vision and came out looking exactly as I had hoped (well actually better if the truth be told).  Caterina listened to what I wanted to do with a new style, we went through pictures, consulted over the good and bad of the various styles and voila!  She nailed it!  I am so happy with my new cut! She showed me how to use the new product and it works very well in my hair.”
Cindy S. July 2017

“Alannah was so great at giving me advice to work with my hair (and on aftercare), giving special attention to my needs as this was also the first time my hair had been dyed.”
Harriett H. June 2017

“Amanda is amazing at what she does and this includes her customer service. Extremely professional and very knowledgeable when it comes to all hair types.”
Dana M. June 2017

“Always a pleasure smiles, engaged. Alex is wonderful in every way. Love the Painted Door! so festive and positive”
Veronica M. June 2017

“Always on point.  Always upbeat with a smile to greet. I came into the salon after a long week/day not necessarily in a great mood.  But left feeling SO much better.  Caterina is literally a great stylist, as well as a person that can change my outlook!  Love her!  She always listens to my thoughts and ends up knowing exactly how to 'fix' me!  :-)”
Cindy S. June 2017

“My stylist did a really great job.  I feel like she really listened to my concerns and now I feel good with my hair going forward.”
Kim C. June 2017

“The stylist, Amanda, has excellent long term vision of what she planned for my hair as I moved towards going white.  She also made excellent suggestions when I was feeling particularly "washed out".  Very pleased!”
Carla M. June 2017

“Best Salon hands down!”
 Stephanie C. June 2017

“Always fantastic! Perfect; Annah always comes up with the best ideas and execution.”
Stephanie S. June 2017    



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