East Village team

"The personal touches from Caterina. The hand massage and the head massage are always so great. How passionate she is about her craft really comes through in her work! Again Caterina knocked it way out of the park for me. This was only my second session with her since moving down from the West 85th salon. I am so thrilled to have such a passionate experienced stylist who engages with me and understand that my time in the salon is more than just a haircut. Great salon teams, you should be very proud! Frontline was very helpful! Even googled directions for my next destination."
Samantha W. October 2017

"Excellent haircut and highlights by a happy stylist. Made it an enjoyable experience."
Brad F. October 2017

"My hairstylist was friendly and personable. It made my visit relaxing and enjoyable."
Tara B. October 2017

"Everyone was friendly, especially my hairstylist. Best experience for a hair salon in Calgary! Excellent service!"
Fanny Z. October 2017

"Alannah is great. She really cares about her clients and does fantastic work."
Laura B. October 2017

 "I felt I was getting the full attention of my stylist like she performed all the services herself and spent a long time making sure we were on the same page."
Jackie P. October 2017

 "My hair stylist Annah! She's an awesome stylist and a wonderful person. I'm very happy with each experience I have with RedBloom"
Coleen C. October 2017 

“Superior service”
Jyoti S. September 2017

 "Loved how social and happy everyone was, it made that experience that much more enjoyable! Everything was beyond my expectations!! Amazing service. First time I've ever loved a service enough to review it! Thank you for everything!!"
Bineeta M. September 2017 

"The whole experience is excellent. Best salon in Calgary!"
Cathy S. September 2017 

"My stylist was caring, really listened to what I was looking for."
Erin B. September 2017


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