Downtown team

"Gordon works hard for all clients so they are relaxed and leave with a haircut, style and colour that is better than they imagined. I always look forward to the appointment and results. Very pleased with frontline, always helpful, smiling and professional. Excellent, I keep returning."
Anne L. June 2018

"It was all great."
Pat C. June 2018

"My favourite part was the consideration that went into my hair type and how to treat it."
Nicole W. June 2018

"My stylist is always consistent in listening to how I want my hair cut."
Allan M. June 2018

"My favourite part was the care my stylist took. As for what you can improve short from having kittens in house I think you are good."
Kimberly F. May 2018

"My favourite part was Violeta's professionalism and caring personality."
Andrea C. May 2018

"Initial contact: When I called RedBloom the woman on the phone listened to my situation carefully and she lined me up with a hairdresser, Mary, who was spot-on to what I needed. This is the BEST colour and look I’ve had in a very, very, very, long time! I noticed while sitting in the chair waiting for my hair colour to process that the stylists are very conscientious with their clients. Listening to the client was very apparent at the salon. Reception was welcoming and attentive. Which is really what anybody wants, isn’t it? A front desk doesn’t have to be over-the-top gushy, that’s never sincere. The front desk at RedBloom gave me the impression that they were expecting me—I like that! I’d give my experience a 6 Star Rating, but you only offer 5. Shucks."
Bronwyn D. May 2018

"Hunter is my favourite hair stylist!"
Kiera C. May 2018

"My favourite part was my knowledgeable/helpful stylist! It was a great experience!"
Julie M. May 2018

"My favourite part is how genuine Heather is! I selected the "How-To Style Video" and I'm amazed by the video I got! I'm straight up blown away by my experience and I'm already looking forward to returning."
Jessica I. May 2018

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