• Never in my life have I experienced such caring at a salon...Natural loving service combined with total client care.  I have never felt so incredible at a salon. I felt like a million dollars leaving. Keep doing what you are doing. It's remarkable.
    — Willow W. April 2017
  • A perfect experience as always. Wonderful staff. Thank you!!
    — Katy H. April 2017
  • This is the best haircut I’ve ever had!!
    — Marta M. April 2017
  • I was extremely impressed with my experience at your salon. I referred two people at my office when I got back- the experience was FAR superior to anywhere else I've been!
    — Lisa G. April 2017 
  • What a great first impression/experience! So glad I found RedBloom Salon!
    — Gal F. April 2017

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