Downtown team

“Gord is fantastic! Always does amazing things with my hair. Service was fantastic! The entire experience was fantastic."
Sylve W. December 2017 

"Great haircut."
Michelle G. December 2017 

"Friendly, happy people!"
Eva R. December 2017

 "Mary is an excellent stylist. I highly recommend her to my friends."
Deb K. December 2017

"The receptionists are always friendly, helpful and make me feel welcome. This was my first appointment with Britney since Alison left. I had been seeing Alison for 6 years and had developed a wonderful relationship with her. As always, I was a bit apprehensive with having to switch to a new stylist. Britney did an amazing job. She took the time to understand what I wanted, made some great suggestions on the colour and the cut. I love my updated cut and colour. I love how she styled my hair at the appointment and the make-up touch up was perfect. I was so sad that Alison left however I'm so happy that she recommended Britney to me! I look forward to many years of her working her magic with my hair!"
Caryn C. November 2017

"The whole experience was my favourite part because I was treated so well and felt so pampered. I enjoy every minute of time in the salon."
Larissa M. November 2017

"Everything from the robes, to the drinks, to the massages, the service. There's a reason I'm a loyal customer"
Shondra C. November 2017

"My stylist had a friendly, positive attitude. Great service."
Damian B. November 2017

"Troy was excellent."
Darby P. November 2017

“Your salon is beautiful, you have talented stylists and very welcoming. Gordon is a gem."
Bronwyn D. November 2017 

"The overall experience is great"
Janessa L. November 2017

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