Downtown team

"My stylist had a friendly, positive attitude. Great service."
Damian B. November 2017

"Troy was excellent."
Darby P. November 2017

 "[My favourite part was] the attention to customers' wants, yet expertise in hair service. Your salon is beautiful, you have talented stylists and very welcoming. Gordon is a gem."
Bronwyn D. November 2017 

"The overall experience is great"
Janessa L. November 2017

"[My favourite part was] the personal attention. Violeta has cut my hair since 2001."
Pat B. November 2017

"Justine was fabulous, professional and engaging. I enjoyed the whole experience, but the hand massage was a great touch!"
Wendy D. November 2017

"Cheryl is very friendly and skilled, I'm always happy with my haircuts. I think the service is great."
Laura T. November 2017

"Continue being awesome and taking your time with customers."
Kiera C. October 2017 

"Excellent colour application and cut by Jenna-Wade."
Carmen B. October 2017

 "Staff, friendly. I liked the overall experience that you don't get at most places. From the hot towel under my neck when washing my hair to the hand massage. Nice touches!"
Janice L. October 2017

"I liked how I was greeted, brought to the change room, and offered water. It made me feel immediately comfortable and welcome. Tim of course is a fantastic stylist and my hair cut with him was relaxing and enjoyable, and my hair looks great!"
Shanaya F. October 2017

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