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Fancy Ponytail Tutorial

fancy pony tutorial

Take your ponytail up a notch this holiday season with this FANCY PONY TUTORIAL!

With only slightly more effort you can change your pony from basic to fancy! It keeps it low maintenance, while still looking like you put in some effort.

We demonstrated this tutorial on long hair but it can work on shoulder length hair as well. Also we went for more of an undone look but you could also make this same style into a smooth and polished look instead.

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Tutorial by master stylist Sara S. at our West 85th location

fancy ponytail step-by-step

Easy Holiday Updo

New EASY UPDO TUTORIAL is here! Elegant, yet simple, it’s the perfect look for your holiday parties!

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Tutorial by master stylist Sara S. at our West 85th location.

updo step-by-step

Flat Iron + Braid = Easiest Beach Waves Tutorial

Messy beach waves don't get easier than this! Plus these are perfect for when you're in a hurry -- all you need to do is flat iron over a basic 3 strand braid and spray in some salt spray and voila! 

flat iron braid beach waves
easy beach waves tutorial

See the steps below

Video featuring creative director Alex K.

  1. Spray hair with heat protector
  2. Split hair into 2 sections, bring the hair forward so one section is on each side of the head (Note: If you have thicker hair make more sections)
  3. Using a basic 3 strand braid, braid each section until the end and secure with an elastic.
  4. Next, take your flat iron and starting from the top, press the flat iron over the braid, holding for a few seconds. You can go over the braid a few times to make sure the wave holds.
  5. Once you’ve gone over the braids, take out the elastics and undo the braids and voila, you should have a soft and subtle wave.
  6. If some spots need touch-ups or you want to add a bit more wave, take a few sections and add in some easy flat iron waves. You can do this by starting at the root of the section, gently clamping the flat iron on the hair and twisting your wrist towards your face while slowly sliding the flat iron down the hair shaft. Pivot your wrist the opposite direction (away from your face) as you continue to glide the iron down the length of the hair. Remember to keep moving! Think of this as a series of wrist pivots as you're slowly moving the tool down the length of the hair. (check out our full tutorial on these waves here!)
  7. Finish by spraying on some texturizing salt spray into the hair like Evo hair Salty dog sea salt spray.

Knot Braid Ponytail Tutorial

Dress up a boring ponytail by adding some knots!

The knot braid ponytail is simple, yet sophisticated and works well for a night out or as an everyday look.  The best part is, if you can tie your shoe, you can manage this hairstyle!


1. Brush through hair to make sure there are no tangles, then using a comb or your fingers take about a 2 inch triangular section from your hairline on both sides of the head and bring around to the back of your head.

2. Tie the 2 sections together in a simple knot, just like you would tie a shoe lace. Make sure it is tied tight.

3. Then gather both strands of the knotted hair into one hand and grab a new section of hair from the right side and add it into the ends on the right ends of the knot.

4. Repeat step 3, but take a section from the left side and add it into the left side of the knot end.

5. Make another simple knot with the ends of the first knot with the added hair and pull tight and you have another knot!

6. Always make sure to put the same side over the other when tying the knots, for example always the left section over the right section.

7. Continue like this making 3 or 4 knots (or however many you prefer) until you reach about the nape of the neck.

8. For the last knot, don’t add extra hair in and just tie it off.

9. Next using bobby pins secure the knots in place. You can also use an elastic to and bring everything together and only pin down where it feels loose.

10. Lastly use a strong hold hairspray, like Aveda Control to set the style in place.


Tutorial features creative director Alex Kool.

Elastic Wrap Around Tutorial

Learn a neat trick to hide your elastic with a hair wrap.  A hair trick everyone should have in their repertoire! It is a classic look that can really polish off a hairstyle. All you need is a couple hair pins!

1.  Take a hairpin and push the top of the hairpin right under the elastic.
2.  Take small amount of hair from the back side of your of your ponytail and wrap it tightly around the elastic, crossing over the hairpin. 
3.  Hold the hair tight and leave a small amount of hair sticking out.
4. Next use a bobbi pin and push onto the end of the hair and thread through the hair pin. 
5. Once the hair is threaded through, hold onto the excess hair sticking out and push the hairpin down and all the way out the bottom. 

In the end you are left with no pins and one hidden elastic!


Braided Headband Tutorial

Learn this cute braided headband hair style that works with long or short hair! If you can do a french braid or a dutch braid you can definitely achieve this style!

Featuring master stylist Alex Kool. 

1. Clip hair all hair back from behind the ear (can clip more back if you have thicker hair)
2. Starting at your part take about an inch piece of hair and section into 3 to start your braid.
3. Start a simple 3 strand braid and then start pulling in new hair, crossing underneath the middle section to create a dutch braid.
4. Continue the dutch braid until just behind the ear and then switch to a regular braid a few more cross-overs.
5. Use a bobby pin to secure braid in place, just behind the ear.
6. Repeat steps 2-6 on the other side.
7. Next unclip hair and take a few sections starting at the crown of the head to back comb for some extra volume.
8. Lightly brush top layer of backcombing, so it is no longer visible.
9. Use a dry shampoo for extra texture and volume (we used Aveda shampure dry shampoo)
10. Finish with hairspray to hold style in place (we used Aveda air control.)

Bombshell Waves Tutorial

bombshell waves tutorial with redbloom salon

Getting those classic natural looking waves is easy and intuitive right??? Well unless you went to hair school, have watched loads of hair tutorials or have a BFF who's hair game is on point and taught you her tricks, you may be struggling...But don't worry we are here to teach you the proper techniques to get you those perfect Victoria Secret bombshell waves! 

Watch our tutorial and be sure to pay attention to the simple things like how to hold the curling iron properly because it makes a big difference!

1. Section hair into 3 parts (top, middle and bottom) and secure with clips.
2. Holding the curling iron vertically with the clamp facing forward, clamp about a 2” section of hair a few inches from the scalp.
3. Curl the hair away from the face and twirl the hair up towards the head.
4. Hold and slowly release clasp, gradually sliding the hair down and continuing to twirl the hair up until you have reached the ends.
5. Leave out about an inch of the ends to create a more natural looking wave.
6. Make sure hair lays flat (not twisted) around the curling iron.
7. Continue around the head and release the next section and repeat.

Topsy Tail Twist Upstyle

Remember topsy tails!? I bet you never thought you'd do your hair like that again but we think you'll change your mind after watching this tutorial!

Seriously though, this is probably one of our easiest tutorials yet and it is so chic and simple! Bonus it might bring back some middle school memories ;) 

1. Revive hair with Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo.
2. Gather hair into a loose low ponytail with an elastic.
3. Use your fingers and separate the hair into two sections above the elastic to make an opening. 
4. Tuck the ponytail up and pull it through the opening to create a ‘topsy tail’
5. For a looser look, pull the twisted sections out a bit.
6. Loop the ponytail into the topsy tail opening until it is all tucked away and secure with bobby pins.
7. Be sure to pin any other loose pieces and spray with Aveda Control Force hairspray.

Twist Braid Updo Tutorial

Who needs some new hair ideas!? This twist braid updo works great for work and the weekend! It's also a perfect style for second day hair...or third, we're not judging ;)

twist braid updo tutorial

1. Start with a dry shampoo to add texture, we used Aveda Dry Shampoo.
2. Separate back of hair from behind the ear with clips.
3. From your front part, take 2 strands of hair, about 1 inch pieces, and cross them over each other, then begin adding hair to the piece that is closest to the face and cross over to the back piece.
4. Continue this down the head until you have no more hair to pick up, and twist remaining pieces until the end of the hair and secure with an elastic. 
5. Repeat on other side. 
6. Put the sectioned off in the back into a pony tail. 
7. Clip the ponytail up out of the way and cross one side of your twisted braid just above your ponytail and across to the other side and, secure with a pin. 
8. Loop the hair from the pony tail under the secured braid, continue until all hair is twisted under. 
9. Use bobby pins to secure hair into desired shape.
10. Finally, take the other twisted braid and secure into the twisted pony tail hair.
11. Finish with a hairspray to hold in place, we used Aveda Air Control.

Mohawk Braid Half Up Top-Knot Tutorial

Ramp-up your top-knot game by adding a simple braid!  
If you can do a 3 strand braid, a ponytail and a bun, you can totally master this look! 

Watch the tutorial and try it out!

1.     Make a semi-circle section from one temple to the other and clip to secure.

2.     Make another section from the just below the previous section, on both sides to the crown of the head and secure.

3.     Next bring the front section forward and do a basic 3 strand braid.

4.     As you are braid slightly pull out sections to add fullness and texture to the braid.

5.     Then pull the braided section back and join with your second section and join with an elastic.

6.     Back comb the ponytail section and lightly twist into a bun. Use bobby pins to pin in place.

7.     To hold style in place spray Aveda Control Force Hairspray.

Tutorial features master stylist Alex K.