East Village team

"I loved every aspect of the service. Very friendly. Recently moved here and this has been the best experience I have had getting my hair done in a very long time."
Nicole W. July 2018

"My favourite part was the in-depth preliminary client interview. I also required a last minute replacement booking and frontline achieved it with ease."
Jessica W. July 2018

"My favourite part was the overall experience, everyone was just so polite."
Jorge O. July 2018

"My favourite part was Jenn"
Trisha K. July 2018

"My favourite part was the lovely, capable stylist and the offer of additional services."
Carolynn V. July 2018

"I am always welcomed in and checked out like I’m an old friend. Like everybody loves me and couldn’t be happier to see me. It feels genuine. I like coming here, and I’ve only been in twice so far. So far, I have no complaints or feedback. Love my stylist and the experiences I’ve had so far. Extremely satisfied with not only the experience, but the expertise of my stylist and the quality of products you use. Very welcoming. Makes me feel all warm and happy inside when I come in. Caterina is fantastic. She listens. I feel she truly understands the vision I have for my hair and is now helping push the vision to the next level. She works very hard at getting my hair perfect, and for that I am truly appreciative."
Rochelle H. June 2018

"Very friendly & hard-working hairstylists, very professional and high standard, excellent customer service, best service ever."
Ngar C. June 2018

"Everything was perfect."
Miranda C. June 2018

"My favourite part is the friendly, accommodating staff"
Apryl S. June 2018

"Very professional. Atmosphere is great. Jordan is one of the best"
Kris M. June 2018

"Cut and colour - always consistent and all great! Everyone goes above and beyond!!!"
Stacey C. June 2018



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