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Money Series

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Join us for our 3 part Womencents Money Series with Vanessa Stockbrugger and boost your financial knowledge and confidence in a relaxed and fun atmosphere! Sign up for one class or the whole series.

(Womencents is a financial education and coaching company and does not sell investment or insurance products. This means information provided in seminars is independent and unbiased

Dates: Monday, April 1st, 15th and 29th
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Location: RedBloom Bridgeland (837- 1st Ave NE)
Cost: $75 per class or $175 for 3 classes (plus GST)

Class breakdown:

April 1st. Managing Debt and Household Cash Flow. (Telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went)

In this session, we will talk about household cash flow including budgeting, spending and managing household debt; ultimately striving to live a debt free life! Household cash flow management is the money we bring in (Income) and the decisions we make to either Save or Spend it. Managing our household cash flow effectively allows us the ability to enjoy those things that are most important to us, to feel less stress around money and to plan for the future.

We will look at the decision-making process between saving and spending, the key ingredients we need to more effectively manage our cash flow and the steps to take control of our money. Participants will be offered a clear Budget framework to help them with spending decisions which they can then apply to their own lives to make changes, big or small. These changes can provide a positive impact today and into the future. Goal setting and priorities, money mindset, our relationships and other factors affecting our financial lives will also be discussed. This session will be the difference between “telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went”.

April 15th. Investing 101 (and then some)

Many people would like to build their financial knowledge and confidence when it comes to understanding their investments and choosing between the investing options available to them. However, it can be challenging to get independent and unbiased education on this subject. In this session, we will discuss the Investment Framework in Canada. This will help participants to understand the different types of Service Providers available (from banks to robo-advisors); the different investment accounts we hold, how they work and how to choose which one is right for you (for example: RRSP vs TFSA); and the variety of investment products that we can buy in these different accounts (for  example: mutual funds or Exchange Traded Funds). We will talk about the differences between each of these items to help participants understand their current investments and make choices as to what may be the best fit for them. The session will cover the key considerations when deciding to invest, the fees involved (very important!) and different strategies we can implement. This session’s goal is to help participants understand their current investments while also offering alternative options that are available.

April 29th. Creating and Protecting your Legacy

In this session, we will discuss 3 key areas that are important to protect our financial and physical assets.

Insurance – we will talk about the different kinds of insurance, how they work and when we need it. This will include a discussion on life insurance, critical illness and other insurance options available.

Estate Planning – over 50% of Canadians do not have a will. Why is a will important? What are the different components of an estate plan? What steps can we take within our families to have an effective estate plan which can save money and relationships? These are some of the questions which will be answered in the session.

Fraud – It is estimated 1/3 of Canadians have fell victim to fraud which has resulted in a cost of nearly $100 million. What are the different types of fraud we need to watch out for and how can we protect ourselves? We will have a discussion on the latest fraud activity to raise awareness and help prevent this growing problem.

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