Bridgeland team

“Very pleasant and welcoming.”
Micheal G. January 2019

“Cuts look great and grow out really well.”
Adraina S. January 2019

“Service is very personal and tailored to my preferences.”
Jade M. January 2019

“I was welcomed very kindly.”
Marcela V. January 2019

“There isn’t one element that stands out. The combination of offering a beverage, the complimentary services offered, the “how are you” questionnaire to fill out before your appointment is great.”
Lindsay M. December 2018

“Absolutely love my new colours!”
Michelle L. December 2018

“I am really happy with the quality of service at RedBloom. Breighanne was great and I will definitely be returning.”
Katie O. December 2018

“All of the staff are genuine and skilled.”
Lisa D. December 2018

“Friendliness and relaxing atmosphere.”
Carol K. December 2018

“Friendly, kind people!”
Eva R. December 2018

“The staff were super friendly and relatable.”
Ksenia S. December 2018

“[My favourite is] the dedication of my stylist, Christy. she always knows exactly how to achieve what I want and spends time figuring out what's best for me. She's the best!”
Leora J. November 2018

“I think everything is great and love that you have Rosso coffee now!”
Sheila C. November 2018

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