winter hair how-to

Winter Hair How-To With BRANDED Magazine

Toque season may be here, but that doesn't mean your hair has to be ignored!

Check out the latest issue of BRANDED Magazine, featuring our very own RedBloom Stylists, Alex K. and Claire M., for some fab Winter Hair How-To's!

Look #2
C. Pull hair into high pony, back comb ponytail for texture and fullness. Wrap hair around the base of the ponytail and tie with an elastic.

D. Separate hair into two sections. To make an infinity braid do a figure eight wrap around the two starting sections all the way down to the end of the hair. Finish this braid tight and fasten with elastic. 

Look #1
A. Separate hair into two sections to start, braid down mid way then loosen out edges, once loosened enough continue down with the braid. Secure with an elastic then leave the middle tight while loosening edges again at the bottom of the braid.

B. Curl hair in a uniform direction. When finished , brush out the sections with a cushion brush, then set with hair spray. Finish with a hat or toque for a signature winter look.

If you haven't picked up your copy yet, you can check out the whole issue online HERE