twist braid updo

Twist Braid Updo Tutorial

Who needs some new hair ideas!? This twist braid updo works great for work and the weekend! It's also a perfect style for second day hair...or third, we're not judging ;)

twist braid updo tutorial

1. Start with a dry shampoo to add texture, we used Aveda Dry Shampoo.
2. Separate back of hair from behind the ear with clips.
3. From your front part, take 2 strands of hair, about 1 inch pieces, and cross them over each other, then begin adding hair to the piece that is closest to the face and cross over to the back piece.
4. Continue this down the head until you have no more hair to pick up, and twist remaining pieces until the end of the hair and secure with an elastic. 
5. Repeat on other side. 
6. Put the sectioned off in the back into a pony tail. 
7. Clip the ponytail up out of the way and cross one side of your twisted braid just above your ponytail and across to the other side and, secure with a pin. 
8. Loop the hair from the pony tail under the secured braid, continue until all hair is twisted under. 
9. Use bobby pins to secure hair into desired shape.
10. Finally, take the other twisted braid and secure into the twisted pony tail hair.
11. Finish with a hairspray to hold in place, we used Aveda Air Control.