Fancy Ponytail Tutorial

fancy pony tutorial

Take your ponytail up a notch this holiday season with this FANCY PONY TUTORIAL!

With only slightly more effort you can change your pony from basic to fancy! It keeps it low maintenance, while still looking like you put in some effort.

We demonstrated this tutorial on long hair but it can work on shoulder length hair as well. Also we went for more of an undone look but you could also make this same style into a smooth and polished look instead.

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Tutorial by master stylist Sara S. at our West 85th location

fancy ponytail step-by-step

Easy Holiday Updo

New EASY UPDO TUTORIAL is here! Elegant, yet simple, it’s the perfect look for your holiday parties!

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Tutorial by master stylist Sara S. at our West 85th location.

updo step-by-step

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

soft smokey eye

A few weeks ago we showed you a back-to-school makeup tutorial, great for an everyday look. This week we bring you part 2 and show you how to take that look from day to night by adding a soft smokey eye!

If you've always wanted to try a smokey eye but were never quite sure how to pull it off, this is definitely a good basic tutorial for you to hone those smokey eye skills.

Perfect for a date night, special event, girls night out, or just when you're feeling fierce

See tutorial and steps below...

Tutorial featuring Claire M.

smokey eye tutorial

Don't miss part 1 of this tutorial HERE


1. Using a black eye pencil, line both upper and lower lash line using quick, short strokes. We used Aveda petal essence eye definer in black orchid.

2. Next use a small shadow brush to blend and soften liner by gently brushing over it.

3. Then line the inner lash line of the bottom lashes with the black pencil.

4. Next using a small eyeshadow brush apply a black shadow to smudged liner and blend upwards. We used Aveda black tulip to from their petal essence eye colour trio.

5. Lastly use medium brown shadow like Aveda Aura shimmery taupe, to add depth to the crease.

6. If you have any loose shadow below your eye, use a large powder brush to lightly dust it off.

7. If you don't already have it on, finish with a black mascara.

All Aveda makeup products featured in this tutorial can be purchased in Salon!



Ponytail Braid Tutorial


1. Take a small section of hair on the top of the head secure with elastic (tip: place the ponytail over the section to secure the elastic, this way you wont get the hair from underneath tangled in the elastic.)

2. Continue down; take another subsection secure with elastic. 

3. Take the top ponytail, split it in 2, now take the last ponytail and clip it up out of the way. 

4. Take another section, this time including your top ponytail, into your next section. Secure elastic.

5. Repeat the last step bring down ponytail #2 split in 2, take the last ponytail and clip it up out of the way.

6. Continue you this all the way until you run out of hair to bring back into a ponytail. 

7. Now you want to start your fish tail.

8. Split the hair into 2 sections, starting from the left or right, take a small strand from the outside of your section, cross it UNDER to the other side. Repeat on opposite side. 

9. Continue working all the way down until the you have no more hair to braid. Secure with elastic.

10. Now you want to start pulling apart your ponytailed sections. Work from the bottom upwards. 

11. Now you can start to loosen your fishtail, again starting from the bottom lightly pulling the hair apart.
12. Finish with Aveda Witch Hazel Hairspray

Tutorial with master stylist Alex K.

Basic Ponytail With Volume Tutorial

Learn how to take your ponytail to the next level with this basic ponytail with volume. Tutorial by Master Stylist Alex K. 

basic ponytail with volume tutorial


1. You can start with either curly or straight hair but for a fancier look curl your hair before.

2. Sprinkle Aveda Hair Potion onto roots to help with volume and massage in.

3. Take about 1 inch sections starting at the crown and back comb until about the top of the ear.

4. Backbomb the sides taking diagonal sections.

5. Smooth out the top of the backcombing, but be sure not to completely brush it out.

6. Section top half of the hair from about the top of the ear and clip up.

7. Using an elastic put the bottom section into a ponytail.

8. Release top section from clip.

9. Hook 2 bobby pins onto opposite sides of an elastic to use for securing ponytail.

10. Pull hair back and join with lower ponytail and use the elastic with bobby pins to secure by placing one bobby pin into the hair and wrapping the elastic around and then placing the second pin into the hair to finish.

11. If you want to cover the elastic, take a small piece of hair from the edge of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and secure with bobby pin.

12. Finish with Aveda Control Force hairspray