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Fancy Ponytail Tutorial

fancy pony tutorial

Take your ponytail up a notch this holiday season with this FANCY PONY TUTORIAL!

With only slightly more effort you can change your pony from basic to fancy! It keeps it low maintenance, while still looking like you put in some effort.

We demonstrated this tutorial on long hair but it can work on shoulder length hair as well. Also we went for more of an undone look but you could also make this same style into a smooth and polished look instead.

Give it it a try and don’t forget to tag us in your #RedBloomInRealLife selfies!

Tutorial by master stylist Sara S. at our West 85th location

fancy ponytail step-by-step

Messy Bun Mohawk Tutorial

Spice up your usual messy bun by adding a few more, with this fun style! The Mohawk bun upstyle is such a great hairstyle because it is simple and versatile. We did a topsy tail, messy version, but you could also do a smoother polished look. Let your creativity run free on this one! Bonus it can be done on long or short hair.  

Try it on yourself or a friend! If you can style a messy bun, you can definitely master this style!

*See video and step-by-step below

messy bun mohawk 1
messy bun mohawk 2
messy bun mohawk 3


1. Start by using a comb to make a clean section on the top of your head, from about your temples to the crown of your head.

2. If you want some extra volume and height, break the section into two and backcomb each section.

3. Next use an elastic to secure the hair in the top section, about an inch away from the scalp so you have room to pull through for the topsy tail.

4. Create a little hole between the elastic and the scalp and pull the ponytail through the hole to make a topsy tail. Gently pull twist for a soft, lose look.

5. Clip top section out of the way and make a second section from the top of the ears and repeat steps 3 & 4.

6. Finally make your third section with remaining hair and once again repeat steps 3 & 4.

7. Next starting from the bottom, backcomb the ponytail and loosely twist into a bun and use bobby pins to secure in place.

8. Continue creating a loose bun on the middle and top section securing with bobby pins where needed.

9. Pin any stray or loose pieces and spray with a strong hold hairspray like Aveda Control Force, to hold the style in place.

This style is not meant to be perfect so go ahead and embrace the messiness of this style! Also if you are short on time you can always leave out the topsy tails!

*Tutorial features creative director Alex Kool

Elastic Wrap Around Tutorial

Learn a neat trick to hide your elastic with a hair wrap.  A hair trick everyone should have in their repertoire! It is a classic look that can really polish off a hairstyle. All you need is a couple hair pins!

1.  Take a hairpin and push the top of the hairpin right under the elastic.
2.  Take small amount of hair from the back side of your of your ponytail and wrap it tightly around the elastic, crossing over the hairpin. 
3.  Hold the hair tight and leave a small amount of hair sticking out.
4. Next use a bobbi pin and push onto the end of the hair and thread through the hair pin. 
5. Once the hair is threaded through, hold onto the excess hair sticking out and push the hairpin down and all the way out the bottom. 

In the end you are left with no pins and one hidden elastic!


Fancy Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Never learned to do a fishtail braid? We have good news, even though it looks fancy, it is actually one of the easier braids to do. In this tutorial we show you how to do a simple fishtail braid to the side but check out our previous headband tutorial here to make it extra fancy!

The great thing about a fishtail is with a few little tricks you can make it look extra special, like loosening it up for a thicker looking braid. We promise this is one braid you can master and add to your repertoire of go-to hairstyles! Did we mention it is a great style for under a toque or hat? Hello winter hairstyle!

See detailed steps below...

Steps for fishtail braid:

1.     Pull hair over to one side and separate into 2 even sections.

2.     Take a small strand of hair on the outside of the left section and pull up and over top and gather into the right section so it now becomes part of that section

3.     Next take a small strand from the outside of the right section and pull up and over top to incorporate into the left section.

4.     Repeat this process all the way down and try to keep sections tidy and tight.

5.     Once you reach the end secure with an elastic.

6.     For a thicker looking braid, starting from the bottom, gently pull each section of hair to loosen working your way up to the top.

7.     For an extra fancy look you can also warp hair around the elastic by sticking a hair pin just underneath the elastic, then take a small piece of hair and wrap around until there is about an inch left.

8.     Next push a regular bobby pin over the end of the hair and loop through the hair pin and release the bobby pin.

9.     Finally push and pull the hair pin through the elastic to secure hair in place and release the hair pin.

10.  To set style in place spray with hairspray! We used Aveda Witch Hazel hair spray.

**Detailed tutorial of hair wrap around to cover elastic coming soon! 

Video features master stylist Alex K.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes! Happy braiding!

Topsy Tail Twist Upstyle

Remember topsy tails!? I bet you never thought you'd do your hair like that again but we think you'll change your mind after watching this tutorial!

Seriously though, this is probably one of our easiest tutorials yet and it is so chic and simple! Bonus it might bring back some middle school memories ;) 

1. Revive hair with Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo.
2. Gather hair into a loose low ponytail with an elastic.
3. Use your fingers and separate the hair into two sections above the elastic to make an opening. 
4. Tuck the ponytail up and pull it through the opening to create a ‘topsy tail’
5. For a looser look, pull the twisted sections out a bit.
6. Loop the ponytail into the topsy tail opening until it is all tucked away and secure with bobby pins.
7. Be sure to pin any other loose pieces and spray with Aveda Control Force hairspray.