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Messy Bun Mohawk Tutorial

Spice up your usual messy bun by adding a few more, with this fun style! The Mohawk bun upstyle is such a great hairstyle because it is simple and versatile. We did a topsy tail, messy version, but you could also do a smoother polished look. Let your creativity run free on this one! Bonus it can be done on long or short hair.  

Try it on yourself or a friend! If you can style a messy bun, you can definitely master this style!

*See video and step-by-step below

messy bun mohawk 1
messy bun mohawk 2
messy bun mohawk 3


1. Start by using a comb to make a clean section on the top of your head, from about your temples to the crown of your head.

2. If you want some extra volume and height, break the section into two and backcomb each section.

3. Next use an elastic to secure the hair in the top section, about an inch away from the scalp so you have room to pull through for the topsy tail.

4. Create a little hole between the elastic and the scalp and pull the ponytail through the hole to make a topsy tail. Gently pull twist for a soft, lose look.

5. Clip top section out of the way and make a second section from the top of the ears and repeat steps 3 & 4.

6. Finally make your third section with remaining hair and once again repeat steps 3 & 4.

7. Next starting from the bottom, backcomb the ponytail and loosely twist into a bun and use bobby pins to secure in place.

8. Continue creating a loose bun on the middle and top section securing with bobby pins where needed.

9. Pin any stray or loose pieces and spray with a strong hold hairspray like Aveda Control Force, to hold the style in place.

This style is not meant to be perfect so go ahead and embrace the messiness of this style! Also if you are short on time you can always leave out the topsy tails!

*Tutorial features creative director Alex Kool

Braided Headband Tutorial

Learn this cute braided headband hair style that works with long or short hair! If you can do a french braid or a dutch braid you can definitely achieve this style!

Featuring master stylist Alex Kool. 

1. Clip hair all hair back from behind the ear (can clip more back if you have thicker hair)
2. Starting at your part take about an inch piece of hair and section into 3 to start your braid.
3. Start a simple 3 strand braid and then start pulling in new hair, crossing underneath the middle section to create a dutch braid.
4. Continue the dutch braid until just behind the ear and then switch to a regular braid a few more cross-overs.
5. Use a bobby pin to secure braid in place, just behind the ear.
6. Repeat steps 2-6 on the other side.
7. Next unclip hair and take a few sections starting at the crown of the head to back comb for some extra volume.
8. Lightly brush top layer of backcombing, so it is no longer visible.
9. Use a dry shampoo for extra texture and volume (we used Aveda shampure dry shampoo)
10. Finish with hairspray to hold style in place (we used Aveda air control.)