Ponytail Braid Tutorial


1. Take a small section of hair on the top of the head secure with elastic (tip: place the ponytail over the section to secure the elastic, this way you wont get the hair from underneath tangled in the elastic.)

2. Continue down; take another subsection secure with elastic. 

3. Take the top ponytail, split it in 2, now take the last ponytail and clip it up out of the way. 

4. Take another section, this time including your top ponytail, into your next section. Secure elastic.

5. Repeat the last step bring down ponytail #2 split in 2, take the last ponytail and clip it up out of the way.

6. Continue you this all the way until you run out of hair to bring back into a ponytail. 

7. Now you want to start your fish tail.

8. Split the hair into 2 sections, starting from the left or right, take a small strand from the outside of your section, cross it UNDER to the other side. Repeat on opposite side. 

9. Continue working all the way down until the you have no more hair to braid. Secure with elastic.

10. Now you want to start pulling apart your ponytailed sections. Work from the bottom upwards. 

11. Now you can start to loosen your fishtail, again starting from the bottom lightly pulling the hair apart.
12. Finish with Aveda Witch Hazel Hairspray

Tutorial with master stylist Alex K.

5 Strand Braid Tutorial

5 strand braid tutorial


1. Sprinkle in Aveda Hair potion to give the hair texture and hold

2. Separate hair into 5 sections

3. Hold 2 sections in the left and 2 on the right…leaving the middle section free

4. Pick a side to start, If you start on the left take the outside strand and cross OVER the next and then UNDER the middle.

5. Move to the right side and repeat. Cross OVER the next strand then UNDER the middle.

6. You want to continue this all the way down the hair.

7. Say it out loud if it helps…over under, over under, over under

8. Finish with a small elastic

9. To make the braid look fuller or more textured start pulling the sides from the top, closest to the head, working your way down to the elastic.

10. You can do a little or a lot depending on the look you are trying to create.

11. Finish with Control force hair spray for a strong hold. 

Tutorial by master stylist Alex K.