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Fancy Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Never learned to do a fishtail braid? We have good news, even though it looks fancy, it is actually one of the easier braids to do. In this tutorial we show you how to do a simple fishtail braid to the side but check out our previous headband tutorial here to make it extra fancy!

The great thing about a fishtail is with a few little tricks you can make it look extra special, like loosening it up for a thicker looking braid. We promise this is one braid you can master and add to your repertoire of go-to hairstyles! Did we mention it is a great style for under a toque or hat? Hello winter hairstyle!

See detailed steps below...

Steps for fishtail braid:

1.     Pull hair over to one side and separate into 2 even sections.

2.     Take a small strand of hair on the outside of the left section and pull up and over top and gather into the right section so it now becomes part of that section

3.     Next take a small strand from the outside of the right section and pull up and over top to incorporate into the left section.

4.     Repeat this process all the way down and try to keep sections tidy and tight.

5.     Once you reach the end secure with an elastic.

6.     For a thicker looking braid, starting from the bottom, gently pull each section of hair to loosen working your way up to the top.

7.     For an extra fancy look you can also warp hair around the elastic by sticking a hair pin just underneath the elastic, then take a small piece of hair and wrap around until there is about an inch left.

8.     Next push a regular bobby pin over the end of the hair and loop through the hair pin and release the bobby pin.

9.     Finally push and pull the hair pin through the elastic to secure hair in place and release the hair pin.

10.  To set style in place spray with hairspray! We used Aveda Witch Hazel hair spray.

**Detailed tutorial of hair wrap around to cover elastic coming soon! 

Video features master stylist Alex K.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes! Happy braiding!

Braided Headband Tutorial

Learn this cute braided headband hair style that works with long or short hair! If you can do a french braid or a dutch braid you can definitely achieve this style!

Featuring master stylist Alex Kool. 

1. Clip hair all hair back from behind the ear (can clip more back if you have thicker hair)
2. Starting at your part take about an inch piece of hair and section into 3 to start your braid.
3. Start a simple 3 strand braid and then start pulling in new hair, crossing underneath the middle section to create a dutch braid.
4. Continue the dutch braid until just behind the ear and then switch to a regular braid a few more cross-overs.
5. Use a bobby pin to secure braid in place, just behind the ear.
6. Repeat steps 2-6 on the other side.
7. Next unclip hair and take a few sections starting at the crown of the head to back comb for some extra volume.
8. Lightly brush top layer of backcombing, so it is no longer visible.
9. Use a dry shampoo for extra texture and volume (we used Aveda shampure dry shampoo)
10. Finish with hairspray to hold style in place (we used Aveda air control.)