Bombshell Waves Tutorial

bombshell waves tutorial with redbloom salon

Getting those classic natural looking waves is easy and intuitive right??? Well unless you went to hair school, have watched loads of hair tutorials or have a BFF who's hair game is on point and taught you her tricks, you may be struggling...But don't worry we are here to teach you the proper techniques to get you those perfect Victoria Secret bombshell waves! 

Watch our tutorial and be sure to pay attention to the simple things like how to hold the curling iron properly because it makes a big difference!

1. Section hair into 3 parts (top, middle and bottom) and secure with clips.
2. Holding the curling iron vertically with the clamp facing forward, clamp about a 2” section of hair a few inches from the scalp.
3. Curl the hair away from the face and twirl the hair up towards the head.
4. Hold and slowly release clasp, gradually sliding the hair down and continuing to twirl the hair up until you have reached the ends.
5. Leave out about an inch of the ends to create a more natural looking wave.
6. Make sure hair lays flat (not twisted) around the curling iron.
7. Continue around the head and release the next section and repeat.