Braided Headband Tutorial

Learn how to do a simple braided headband with master stylist Alex K.


1. Take a small section from bottom of hairline at the nape of the neck on either side of head.

2. Braid section into desired style of braid. We did a 4 strand braid (over, under, over under), but you can do any type of braid!

3. Take a section of the same size on the other side of the head and repeat step 2.

4. Loosen braids by pulling apart to create more fullness.

5. Take one side and bring over top of head and use a bobby pin to secure on the other side.

6. Repeat step 5 with the other braid and pin on opposite side, crossing the braid over the other.

7. Spray with Aveda Control Force Hairspray to hold in place and you're done!