Basic Ponytail With Volume Tutorial

Learn how to take your ponytail to the next level with this basic ponytail with volume. Tutorial by Master Stylist Alex K. 

basic ponytail with volume tutorial


1. You can start with either curly or straight hair but for a fancier look curl your hair before.

2. Sprinkle Aveda Hair Potion onto roots to help with volume and massage in.

3. Take about 1 inch sections starting at the crown and back comb until about the top of the ear.

4. Backbomb the sides taking diagonal sections.

5. Smooth out the top of the backcombing, but be sure not to completely brush it out.

6. Section top half of the hair from about the top of the ear and clip up.

7. Using an elastic put the bottom section into a ponytail.

8. Release top section from clip.

9. Hook 2 bobby pins onto opposite sides of an elastic to use for securing ponytail.

10. Pull hair back and join with lower ponytail and use the elastic with bobby pins to secure by placing one bobby pin into the hair and wrapping the elastic around and then placing the second pin into the hair to finish.

11. If you want to cover the elastic, take a small piece of hair from the edge of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and secure with bobby pin.

12. Finish with Aveda Control Force hairspray