Mohawk Braid Half Up Top-Knot Tutorial

Ramp-up your top-knot game by adding a simple braid!  
If you can do a 3 strand braid, a ponytail and a bun, you can totally master this look! 

Watch the tutorial and try it out!

1.     Make a semi-circle section from one temple to the other and clip to secure.

2.     Make another section from the just below the previous section, on both sides to the crown of the head and secure.

3.     Next bring the front section forward and do a basic 3 strand braid.

4.     As you are braid slightly pull out sections to add fullness and texture to the braid.

5.     Then pull the braided section back and join with your second section and join with an elastic.

6.     Back comb the ponytail section and lightly twist into a bun. Use bobby pins to pin in place.

7.     To hold style in place spray Aveda Control Force Hairspray.

Tutorial features master stylist Alex K.