West 85th team

"It was a lovely experience. Frontline was very polite and friendly"
Julia Y. March 2018

"Niki is a fantastic stylist. Very professional in every way."
Shelia B. March 2018

"My favourite part was my stylist. It was my first time with her. She is very personable and easy to talk to."
Priya R. March 2018

"I love getting a nice styling of my hair and then a make-up touch up. It makes me feel like I should go out on the town. The head massage is also a wonderful touch. I don’t have anything to complain about."
Tara C. March 2018

"My favourite part was my stylist - Claire!"
Karen M. March 2018

"My favourite part was my stylist Kate because she's a MASTER and AWESOME!! Receptionists are always courteous, lovely and professional."
Deanna H. March 2018

 "My favourite part was conversation with Shara, I am going through a hard time and her words helped."
Denise P. March 2018

 "The stylist was very friendly and it was a nice relaxed environment. The stylist gave me a great cut that took into account my fine hair and need for low maintenance. My stylist today was lovely and so patient with me and my fussy baby during the hair appointment."
Irena K. March 2018 

"My hair is looking fly, I have no complaints"
Rielly C. March 2018

"Stylist Kate! She’s awesome. Listens and always has great knowledge not only about my hair but what works and why for cut/colour, style and products."
Michelle C. March 2018 

"I have not been to a more friendly salon, everyone is exceptional. A truly lovely experience. I have been to high end salons that are complete snobs, will never go back. Receptionists are all lovely. Whitney is one the best stylists I have been to, the blunt cut she gives me is perfection, it remains perfect right up until my next visit."
Sharon S. February 2018 


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