Bridgeland team

"Great haircut, good service. It's always great."
Pauline S. March 2018

 "Frontline was very friendly."
Jennifer G. March 2018

 "My favourite part was Christy because she’s consistently turning out new styles that get me attention."
Cameron O. March 2018

"My favourite part was the friendliness and willingness to see me on short notice."
Lisa G. March 2018 

"My favorite part was spending a couple hours in your salon in the company of Billie and having the opportunity to trust her to just do what she does to get my hair done and forget what is going on in my own world for a while. Reception was very friendly and helpful."
Kim D. March 2018 

"My favourite part was what length you go to, to make sure that I love my experience there."
Cheyenne C. March 2018

 "Everything was perfect! Exceeded my expectations!! From the moment I walked in, I was warmly welcomed first by the lady at the front (don't know her name but she had a brown inverted bob) and then by the stylist I met for the first time, Christy. Christy went above and beyond in figuring out what style I wanted, through conversation and looking at pictures together, before even touching my hair. I am very happy with my cut and colour. She is extremely talented and has a warm/gentle demeanour which really resonated with me.  I have been on the hunt for a new stylist for several months since mine of six years sadly moved away. I have gone to a few salons, received horrible cuts and didn't like the vibe of stylist/salon. I am thrilled my hunt is over...I am so happy to call Christy "my stylist" and RedBloom "my salon"!! I also like on the form rating the conversation level desired during the service! Nice to be engaged at the level you are at on that day so silent periods aren’t weird/awkward and you don't have to stress about trying to find things to talk about. Just allowed the experience to organically unfold."
Jami F. March 2018

"I was welcomed by reception the moment I arrived and it was like pure sunshine - needed that. NEVER disappointed - wish I could go more often but only have so much hair."
Laurie G. March 2018 

"I think I say it every time I come in, but this is the best cut ever."
Amy R. March 2018 

"Sam L. was very friendly and gave lots of advice. I loved the experience, thank you!"
Adriane D. February 2018

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